Foothill Ranch Foreclosure Alternatives - Short Sale

Foothill Ranch Foreclosure Alternatives - Short Sale

Know Your Options Before Choosing Any Course Of Action.

Explore Your Options Before They Are Removed.

Lenders that have been slow to move towards foreclosure are streamlining and speeding up their foreclosure timelines.

I've noticed that many people struggling with their mortgage payments avoid thinking about and addressing their options. Often, until it is too late and many of their choices are no longer available. You do face some tough choices. Do you stay in a home you may no longer be able to afford? Or, do you leave your home in search of an alternative solution? It is difficult to think about leaving your home but it may be the right option for you.

Whatever you do, do not walk away from your home. The most important thing you can do for your future is to avoid foreclosure and it's long-term consequences. There are options available to help you transition. Make sure you understand each option as the pros and cons of each are unique to you.

Learn More About Short Sales: ALL ABOUT SHORT SALES

- Our services are always free to you.

- The lender pays our fees and traditional sellers closing costs.

- We strive to obtain full forgiveness of the debt from your lender in all cases and have a track record of success in doing so.

- You do not have to be in default or foreclosure for a short sale to be a successful option.



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