Seller's Services

Dave Gubler and Brian Doubleday do everything they can to take the mystery and stress out of selling your home. Through a systematic and organized process, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing, presenting, and selling your property.

Our goal is to net you the highest sales price possible in the timeframe you desire. We achieve this by approaching the process with a clear plan in mind, with the major phases and steps described below.

The Preparation and Pre-Listing Phase

1. Order your Property Profile from the title company.
2. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your property.
3. Deliver the Preparation & Pre-Listing package to the Seller to review before meeting with Dave or Brian.
4. Identifying key selling points of the property and optional improvements to boost the value of your home.
5. Present the Market Analysis to you and assess the most realistic selling price based on current market values.
6. Comparable sold, current and pending properties reviewed with the Seller.
7. Walk you through the nuances of the listing contract.
8. Listing Agreement signed, returned to Property Profile, and a copy sent to Sellers.
9. Transfer Disclosure Statement signed and returned to Property file.
10. Agency Disclosure signed and returned to Property file.
11. Seller Affidavit Foreign Invesment Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) signed and returned to Property file.

The Marketing, Showing & Listing Phase

1. Return your Property Profile to our office.
2. A comprehensive set of photographs taken to show your house off in its best light.
3. Enter your listing into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
4. MLS sheet placed in Property Profile.
5. Place a tasteful "For Sale" sign on your property, with your approval, which can range in size depending on what is called for.
6. Lock Box installed, with your approval.
7. Office Caravan & Broker Preview scheduled with your approval.
8. Seller contacted after Caravan & Broker Preview and comments are discussed.
9. "Just-Listed" postcards are ordered & mailed to 400+ neighboring homes.
10. Ad & Brochure copy is written with your input.
11. Design a custom brochure for your home. Click here for an example.
12. Provide a comprehensive listing sheet to prospective buyers, agents, and brokers.
13. Secure maximum exposure through the Internet by leveraging both our own private web holdings and affiliate relationships.
14. Build a custom, interactive website that exclusively showcases your home so potential buyers can focus on the highlights and selling points. Take a look at an example here.
15. Coordinating the production of an interactive virtual tour of your property.
16. Advertising placed in appropriate media.
17. Brochures printed and sent to Seller, placed in flyer box on Property, sent to top producers in the area, and placed in in-boxes of in-office agents.
18. Listing announced at affiliate office meeting and pitched to 50+ agents.
19. Prepare and send an email brochure to area agents with links to your property's custom website.
20. Schedule tours, showings, and open houses.
21. Feedback from buyers and their agents reported back to you for evaluation.
22. Periodic Market Analysis completed to ensure property is well-positioned and priced according to market metrics.
23. Market Analysis presented to Sellers and price adjustment made if necessary.
24. Client called weekly by Dave or Brian to update them on the status of their property.
25. Address all Buyer and Broker inquiries regarding your home.
26. Display the property to potential Buyers.

The Offer Phase

1. Offer is received by Dave and Brian and reviewed with you.
2. Terms and arrangements are discussed and either the original offer is signed or a counteroffer is drafted and signed.
3. Counteroffer is presented to selling agent.
4. Dave and Brian negotiate on your behalf and continue until both parties agree on the terms.
5. The contract and amending documents are accepted and signed by all parties.

The Escrow & Contract Phase

1. Escrow is opened and an escrow number is assigned.
2. Buyer's money is deposited in escrow.
3. Contact sheet detailing all parties involved is drafted and forwarded to Buyers, Sellers, Selling Agent, Escrow Company, Title Company & Lender(s).
4. Copies of the contract are sent to the Selling Agent & the Sellers.
5. Dates are outlined for the close of escrow and are mailed to the Buyers & Sellers.
6. Title policy is ordered.
7. HOA docs & CC&R's are ordered, if applicable.
8. Preliminary Title report received, reviewed by Dave or Brian and then discussed with seller.
9. Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement is ordered for property
10. Termite Inpection scheduled for property.
11. Home Inspection scheduled for property by Buyers.
12. Dave or Brian present for both inspections.
13. Inspections reviewed by Dave or Brian and discussed with Sellers.
14. Seller and Buyer agree on inspection terms & remedies, if any.
15. Inspection contingencies are removed.
16. Lender(s) called for weekly updates.
17. Appraisal scheduled by lender.
18. California State Earthquake Hazards booklet is delivered to the Buyers & Sellers.
19. Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement (NHDS) is received, reviewed and discussed with Sellers.
20. Receipt of the NHDS is signed by the Sellers, Selling Agent, Listing Agent and Buyers.
21. Follow-up on appraisal.
22. Buyers' loan approval is processed and the loan documents signed.
23. Escrow instructions drafted.
24. Escrow instructions signed by Seller and returned to escrow.
25. Escrow instructions signed by Buyer and returned to escrow.
26. Final walk-though scheduled with Buyer, Selling Agent & Listing Agent.
27. Closing Statement prepared by escrow & sent to Seller.
28. Check sent to Seller by escrow.
29. Close of escrow.
30. Keys, garage door openers, etc, presented to Buyer.
31. Assist Seller in purchase of another home locally or refer Seller to another qualified agent if they are relocating to another area.
32. Assist Seller with move whenever possible.

After Closing

1. "Thank you" cards sent to Sellers, Buyers, & Selling Agent.
2. Follow-up calls made to you by Dave Gubler & Brian Doubleday.
3. New address noted in Contact Manager & yearly Market Analysis sent to you on your new property.


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