Portola Hills Real Estate - Short Sale Assistance

Portola Hills Real Estate - Short Sale Assistance

We offer FREE short sale real estate services/counseling to Portola Hills homeowners.

Has the current state of the economy put you in a difficult financial situation? We may have a solution for you. We are short sale specialists that offer FREE counseling and short sale real estate services to home owners dealing with financial hardship in Portola Hills. If you owe more than the value of your home and are in a situation where you must sell, our local team of Brian Doubleday and Dave Gubler will utilize proven methods for obtaining a lower payoff in order to get the home sold at today's market value and protect you from deficiency judgments, promissory notes and seller contributions.

1. You do not always have to be in default or in foreclosure in order to complete a short sale.

2. We are NOT home investors, and do NOT want to buy your home ourselves, we are state licensed

and regulated real estate agents, who are here to serve your best interests. Beware of investors!

3. Our services are completely free to all home owners, your lender pays our fees, as well as ALL

traditional seller's closing costs in a short sale.

4. We will work tirelessly to get you fully forgiven of your debt, regardless of what you owe on the



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